The Dream State of a Cocoon

A decade ago I woke up and all of a sudden a was a 20 year old man. A white guy from the land of America. But how ??? Why ??? I started to put all the peices together as best I could. It’s like I was sleep walking my whole life looking around following the “others” and come to find out most of them are still sleep walking.

Who’s awake ???

My new reality changed everything. So new fresh, alive… I saw everything for the first time again. So bright and beautiful, I loved it !!

Slowly over the last 10 years it has decayed. Come to find out so much of our world is ran and created by these sleepwalkers. And in there state they use killing, mind control and really anything they can get thier hands on to keep us sleeping. They feed from it, they live off our dull robot sleep walking lives…

In my new life, my awake-ness brought me realization after realization, that I have a soul or body that lives forever. That this whole trip we call life is a blink of an eye. I live in a space suit on a planet for a moment.

And with this came a sence of beauty, this love of life and all of existance I have been inspired. Asked in my heart of hearts to share this with everyone so that we might all know this reality of infinite life and eternal beauty and bliss that is available to all that seeks awakening…

are you awake ???? Do you feel alive and free ???

Sometimes I do to the point of tearing up with joy. Other times I get so freaked out about my earth drama’s. And so it’s like this big ride, a roller coaster of joy and pain…

It’s my life’s work. My mission to share the goodness of what I have found. It’s real and we are in a battle of what energy will rule this planet. Control and force, or love and light…

where do you stand ????????????


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